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A hidden gem in Jerusalem! Tamar's decade of experience and thirst to expand her knowledge and skill-set ensured that this would be the best therapeutic massage I had ever received. And it was! Every time. The specialized recipe for fine-tuning my body that Tamar created for me, along with the medley of treatments, makes her a one-stop shop in the business of holistic care. 


The atmosphere is calming, the bed is heated (in the winter), and the touch is precise and purposeful. With clean and fresh beddings and towels, and complete respect for her clients' privacy, all qualms associated with being in a vulnerable situation are erased. Not only is the treatment holistic, but the experience is as well. Professionalism, excellent bedside manners, well-equipped and amazing, I'm a returning and satisfied customer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for pampering and for therapeutic purposes!! Thank you Tamar!!




You are a rare combination of dedication, professional, accurate, honest, considerate.

While I tried soooo many different types of treatment, yours was, and continues to really WORK, and has proven to be most effective. I hope that more and more people will be privileged to be healed, and see an end to aggravating circumstances.
May HaShem continue to grant you hatzlacha in your professional & family life!

In appreciation,


I can’t think where to begin to thank you for getting me pain free after years of debilitating pain, doctors, specialists, scans and invasive treatments.


I’d never tried Tuina Therapy before and I was skeptical because I had, of course, over the years tried many different therapies to relieve my back and leg pain and nothing worked even though I persisted with the treatments.


Thank you for listening to me when I explained what I was feeling and thank you for starting off slowly and telling me exactly what you would do before each treatment started – that was very important to me.


Best of all is that within a few treatments  I didn’t need to take any more anti-inflammatories. I threw out the painkillers and all the other pills that I was taking on a daily basis.


I’m going to keep visiting you on a regular basis – for “maintenance” !

Thank you and be blessed,




I went to Maya Schimmel for long-standing physical symptoms that were causing me great concern and that conventional medicine was unable to treat. 


After a thorough intake, she prescribed certain little white pills that made an astonishing and extraordinary improvement in my quality of life. I am most grateful and have recommended her to many of my friends.

M.A (age 69)



Office: 058-567-6758 | US: 323-283-8987