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Hours: Sunday-Friday


Tamar has worked in complementary medicine for over 10 years. She trained in traditional Chinese Medicine including Tui Na, Chinese herbal medicine, Qi Gong, massage therapy, and acupuncture with a focus in gynaecology. 


Tamar opened the Balance Center in early 2017 in order to provide a solution for patients wishing to receive complementary medical treatment in a professional environment and by experienced practitioners. 


Tamar specializes in women's health, gynaecology and fertility. 


Tamar Zakon

Dipl.Ac, CMT, Founder of the Balance Center

Treating women, men & children of all ages

Our Practitioners

About The Balance Center

The Balance Center offers treatment for the whole family in a safe and professional environment. Each patient receives a full consultation so that we can determine an individualized treatment plan. 


Our experienced practitioners, who work and collaborate with one another, offer a variety of different therapies and alternative health treatments, and often specialize in certain areas such as fertility, chronic pain, allergies and more. We retain strong connections with conventional doctors across the city to ensure a fully integrated approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine Western medicine with complementary treatments performed by highly-trained healthcare providers who often practice in both areas.  


People who come to the Balance Center are men, women and children who are looking to treat physical or emotional issues


Nilli Grutman

The Jerusalem Nutritionist: Holistic Nutrition Counseling, Bio-Chemical Nutritional Science, Total Body Detox Groups


Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays


Elaine Strajcher

Swedish and medical massage practitioner, Tai Chi - Body & Mind Therapy Instructor


Hours: Wednesdays

Additionally we offer massage for men with a male massage therapist or Tuina practitioner.

Office: 058-567-6758 | US: 323-283-8987